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A Little Bit About Us...

 Robert’s Machine was started in 1981 by Robert Frolander.  He was a young rancher who had been taking his machine work needs to a local machine shop owned by Merle Sisson.  Merle and Robert became lifelong friends and helped each other on different projects.  Merle took Robert under his wing and taught him much about the machine work world.  Robert purchased his own lathe and milling machine intending on it for his own use.  Merle was getting up in age and was looking to retire from it.  Soon Robert was being called out of the hayfield to help a neighbor who was broke down.  Due to health issues Robert needed to make a career change and so the shop was formed.  He would later purchase much of Merle’s equipment when Merle decided to retire.

                Robert, his wife Patricia and his son Michael formed a partnership a little later to make it a family run business.  The business motto was “If it can be fixed we’ll fix it.  If it can’t, it will take a little longer.”  This is what we continue to strive for yet today.  The business is unique as Robert would work on nearly anything someone needed to have repaired.  It is also what makes it a fun place to work at as it never gets dull.

                Robert’s health unfortunately deteriorated to the point he had to retire.  Michael bought out Robert and Patricia’s interest in the shop shortly before Robert passed away in 2016.  It is continued to be run as Robert would have caring for customers who have been doing business here for the past 40 years.  The dynamics of the business have slightly  changed and so we are offering mechanic work and agricultural parts along with a full service machine shop in the repair and fabrication field.

                We offer shaft build up, turning, milling, broaching and grinding.  We repair hydraulic cylinders and build hoses. Grind flywheels and can mount and balance car and light truck tires.  We can do welding, fabrication and have a CNC plasma cutter.  We carry a large selection of structural steel including plate, bars, mechanical tubing.  Brass and nylon for bushings.  A large inventory of cylinder packing, bearings and seals are kept on hand.  A fair selection of sickle sections, guards, bolts and other ag parts are also available.

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